Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gitmo Detainee Found Not Guilty? Don't Hold Your Breath!

As the "trials" start at Guantanamo Bay, do you think for one moment that any of the Gitmo detainees will be found not guilty? Imagine the outcry if the military tribunal admits we kept and tortured innocent people for five years. Our military and the Bush outlaws have a vested interest in guaranteeing all those who come to trial will be found guilty of something. The ones they know are not guilty will probably never come to trial and will be released, quietly and under the radar of the press, at the end of the Bush reign of terror.

It was uncovered this week that Secretary Gates and Secretary Rice have both urged the closing of this torture center. But Cheney and Gonzales, the man who created the lies for the war in Iraq and the man who wrote that the Geneva Convention was quaint, insisted it stay open. There will be a very special place in hell reserved for those two men.

Watch closely as the tribunals unfold. Listen for the outragous confessions -- admitting to anything just to have the nightmare come to an end. I hope that those who are innocent, caught up in family rivalries, turned over to us by someone who held a grudge and knew they would receive quite a nice sum of money for any names, bring charges against us in the Hague. I'd like to see Cheney, Gonzales, Rumsfeld and Bush sitting in front of the world court facing charges of crimes against humanity.

Do I think this will ever happen? It's just as likely as a Gitmo detainee being found not guilty.

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