Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let the Clinton Delegates Vote

Ever since Obama reached the magic number to secure the nomination, I have envisioned the floor vote. In the first round, state by state, the proud delegate who is chosen to have their 10 seconds of fame, bellows out what makes their state great and then passionately announces the numbers of votes cast by the delegates sent to Denver by the voters of their state -- "Madam Chair, the great state of Oregon, known for the beautiful Cascade Mountain, the High Desert plains, and the most dramatic coast on this side of the Pacific, casts 21 votes for Hillary Clinton and 44 votes for Barack Obama."

Each state has this opportunity in the first round of votes, to accurately represent how the people of their state voted in this historic election. Then, as once again Obama reaches the magic number, the convention bursts into a frenzie of activity as each state motions to the chair that they would like to change their votes.

As the Chairs respectfully calls again on each state, the energy in the room builds as each makes the historic and unifying announcement. "Madam Chair, the great state of Oregon wishes to change its vote. Oregon now casts all 65 votes for the next President of the United States -- Barack Obama.

As the convention floor becomes a sea of Obama signs, and the chanting of "Obama" grows to its final crescendo as each state delegation backs the convention's choice, the Democratic Party has secured the support it needs to win in November.

This is the way I see it. This is the way we win!